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E Juice: How to Make Your Own

E Juice: How to Make Your Own

We all know that the emit vapor because of the or present in its cartridge. Mostly, this liquid is offered by the manufacturer. However, did you know that you can stop investing in these commercial liquids? Are you aware that you can make this liquid safely at your own home? Well, there are many e cig users who have gone ahead to make their own juice for better control over the investment as well as production process. So, in this article, let’s see how to make an e juice for your e cig.

E Juice

The Required Ingredients

In the commercial e liquids, the basic ingredients are water, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or (PG), flavoring, liquid nicotine, and other additives. The PG or VG ingredient acts as a safe variant to produce visible mist. At present, they both are used in toothpaste, cosmetics, medicines, and food colorings. However, VG is considered a healthier option, as many smokers are allergic to PG. Now, let’s talk about the basic ingredients required for your own e juice.

  • VG or PG (the food grade version, not in chemical form) that is available in sizes of 6 to 60 ML and without nicotine or flavor
  • Candy flavorings such as Capella drops that make your atomizer live longer although you can choose other flavorings via the online e cig sites
  • Commercial nicotine liquid, as it is safer than making your own
  • Distilled water
  • Additives for enhancing the flavor (even herbs will do)

The Ingredients Share 

If you prefer to make the e juice without nicotine, ensure that you mix 70% PG or VG with 15% of water and 15% of flavoring. In case you are using nicotine, let the composition be 10% water, 10% flavoring, 20% nicotine liquid (50 mg), and 60% PG or VG. Have you mixed nicotine with the water? Well then, consider using 1/3rd nicotine liquid and 2/3rd PG or VG. Nevertheless, ensure that you are not using a high amount of nicotine liquid. If you love a thicker smoke, pour less water in your juice.

In addition, bear in mind that your e liquid might not come out that well in your first trial. You will probably have to wait for some more blending rounds to see the mix of your choice.

The Indispensable Risk

In case of making an e liquid featuring nicotine, you need to know that this nicotine liquid is toxic. This means you must use your gloves and goggles during the preparation. Next, keep the liquid far away from your pets and kids as they might die if they tend to touch or swallow it. It is certainly for this reason why a majority of smokers prefer pre-filled cartridges. These smokers are those who have kids or pets at home and that they cannot find a safer place to make this juice.


Before you start making your juice, it is better to kindly do some research online on this topic so that you can come to know about some more tips.

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